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U.S. Compliance Tax Services

GEMRT works with small to mid-sized businesses, organizations and individuals to help understand tax changes and to develop the most effective tax strategy.

We assist businesses, organizations and individuals with tax strategies, planning, and compliance. We help put taxes in a perspective that you can understand. With the changes in the tax law, you need an advisor to help you understand the opportunities you may consider and to help you avoid financial pitfalls. Our assistance does not stop here. We help you plan for the future by planning ways for wealth preservation. We take a broad look on how you can best address the issues.

Our team of tax professionals provides comprehensive compliance, planning, and tax representation at the Federal, State and Local levels.

We offer a wide array of tax services including:

  • Compliance reporting of Federal, State and Local taxes
  • Corporate and individual tax planning
  • Estate and trust tax compliance and accounting
  • Representation before the IRS and State tax authorities
  • International tax and business planning
  • Payroll
  • Cost segregation